Eliminate Tightness, Increase Mobility, Reduce Pain


I practice a form of active myofascial stretching that produces fast pain relief and increased functional range of motion, influenced by the work of Certified Advanced Rolfers Thomas Myers and Richard Rossiter, as well as a number of other bodywork & movement professionals. It's a big departure from the 'pure' Rossiter System work I offered and taught for years.

In addition to relieving and resolving soft tissue tightness and pain, this work can help you maximize your range of motion for peak performance and reduce the chance of injury, as well as increase flexibility and functional mobility, while you re-learn more functional movement to stop reoccurring cycles of tightness and pain.

For details about private sessions and mini-workshops please visit my new site: activbodywork.com.

Until April 2015, Rossiter Stretching was primarily about teaching the Rossiter System techniques to my fellow alternate health care professionals - traveling to teach workshops and offer client sessions.

New name, new focus with activbodywork starting March 1, 2016 -- focused on client care one-on-one and in a small group setting, to help you find relief from pain and discomfort and to retrain your body to maintain healthy, comfortable movement.

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My Credentials

I'm Diane Gallagher. I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009 in Colorado, from 2004-2012 in Ohio, and earned my first Personal Trainer Certification in 2007. I have been a Certified Rossiter Coach since 2005, a Certified Rossiter PainSlayer since April 2013 and a Senior Rossiter Instructor, teaching The Rossiter System from 2007-2015 to massage and bodyworkers, and movement and fitness professionals in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Malta.

After five years of working under the business name "Rossiter Stretching", I am transitioning to a private practice under the name activbodywork, reflecting the changes in my approach.

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