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Rossiter Stretching - Rossiter System Workouts by Diane Gallagher in Glenwood Springs, CO

Call Diane for Fast Pain Relief at Rossiter Stretching.

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What kind of help do you need?

If you have joint or muscle pain that just won't go away, Rossiter deep tissue stretches might be the missing element in your recovery. Rossiter helps restore tight connective tissue to its originally designed shape so tenderness, shooting pain from pinched and zinging nerves and outright nasty pain goes away - without cortisone shots, steroid injections, surgery, strange devices or mind numbing drugs.

Some things Rossiter helps are:

Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain
Neck & Shoulder Pain / Headaches
Low Back & Hip Pain / Sciatica
Knee, Ankle and Foot Pain
Tennis Elbow / Golf Elbow
Post Workout Soreness!
Carpal Tunnel / Hand & Wrist Pain
Trigger Finger, Tendonitis, Arthritis
Hamstrings / Muscle Pulls / Thigh Pain

Rossiter is also the 'go to' method to restore lost mobility - increasing range of motion caused by injury, overuse and recovery from surgery to restore easy movement.

Rossiter helps you in all phases of relief:  Recovery, Maintenance and Prevention

You owe it to yourself to try ALL non-invasive approaches before saying YES to shots or surgery. Those can not be un-done if they don't fix your problem.

You haven't tried "everything" if you haven't tried Rossiter.

How do I provide this help?

Rossiter (officially known as The Rossiter System®) is a powerful form of two-person stretching that loosens tightened connective tissue to restore your body's natural system of space. When that tightness is eliminated, you'll discover that your pain and restricted movement go away and your mobility, flexibility and agility improve.

In Rossiter, you are an active participant in your recovery. It takes effort to stretch tight connective tissue. If you fully participate and don't experience impressive results right away, I will not charge you for the session.

What makes me qualified to help you?

I have received all my training directly from and have been mentored by Richard Rossiter, the founder of The Rossiter System®, since 2005, when conventional Swedish Massage and various types of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy weren't doing enough to help my Therapeutic Massage clients recover from structural pain and soft tissue injuries.

I have worked full time as a Certified Rossiter Coach since 2005 and as a Certified Rossiter Instructor since 2007, helping clients directly and teaching colleagues and clients how to help others with this amazing work.

Besides my training - I care. If I didn't have to work for a living, I'd go around helping people for free. Here's the next best thing: If I don't help you, I don't charge you. Period.

Call me. All you have to lose is that pain and discomfort that's holding you back.

Diane - 970-945-5600

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